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Wired or wireless the SMT-i6000 handsets are powerful and intuitive business phones that integrate the desk phone and a user’s mobile using the Samsung Device Manager application - giving users extra functionality and control of their desk phone.

$276.00 (inc GST)


All models in the 6000 series feature wired network connectivity and an ergonomic design including: 

• A distinctive  'floating’ handset. This looks stylish, but its real purpose is functional rather than aesthetic, making it easy to pick up the handset from any direction or angle. 

• Adjustable angle. The user can adjust the angle of the handset, enabling the user to optimise their desk layout.

• Intuitive operation. The phones have 35 or 47 buttons, arranged in three distinct groupings for simplicity and ease of use. These are the display and four associated buttons at the top; the number pad and call function buttons at the bottom; and, on the right, 12 or 24 flexible user programmable buttons. 

• Versatile connectivity. This includes a two-port Gigabit switch, headset port and a USB port that supports Electronic Hook Switch (EHS) for cordless headsets. 

• Samsung IP Phones Wireless Connectivity – i6011 and i6021 Compatible with wired or wireless networks and offering seamless integration with mobile devices, these versatile handsets provide users of mobile devices with a number of additional capabilities.These include:

• Contact Synchronisation: Automatic upload and synchronisation of contacts from a smart phone to a desk phone.

• Deskphone remote control: Use A smart phone like a remote control to initiate and make calls on a desk phone. Just click on the desk phone icon on your smartphone and the call will be generated from the i6000 giving you better call quality and comfort.

• Call handover: Install the Samsung handset app (WE VoIP) on your smartphone and you can move calls 
received on your desk phone over to your smartphone and vice versa. You can also transition calls from a Wi-Fi environment to GSM without interrupting the call.

• Extending feature access: Using a tablet as an extender module. This gives greater flexibility at a lower cost than a more traditional proprietary extender module. An app linking the tablet to the desk phone provides up to 99 programmable buttons, giving one-touch access to functions or extension numbers with colour coded status indication and name displays.

• Wi-Fi hotspot: The handset can also be used as a Wi-Fi hotspot. If the desk phone is connected to the network using its wired Ethernet cable, up to five devices can connect to it wirelessly to gain network access. This is useful in providing simple wireless networking in small offices or in listed buildings where cabling is difficult.