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Samsung WE VoIP Mobile App

Samsung WE VoIP Mobile App

Compatible with both the OfficeServ and Samsung Communications Manager (SCM), this solution provides conference calling, transferring and hold functions. Take a call on your desk phone, seamlessly transfer it to your mobile and walk out the door. 

Record the call, transfer it or place it on hold. It's your call. You  control it.

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Samsung WE VoIP Mobile App

Whilst there are obvious benefits of smart phone usage in the workplace, problems do occur as the voice quality of the call can be weak at times, the cost of a call is significantly higher and the user is not able to take advantage of the features of the office telephone system, e.g. Call Transfer, Call Recording etc.

That is why Samsung has created Samsung WE VoIP application which is a mobile client that handles all telecommunication functions with ease. It is equipped with clear voice quality and easy-to-use phone features for convenient and effective communication.

Samsung WE VoIP is designed for the mobile from the mobile user’s point of view. The employee is not required to change the way they use their phone or mobile device as the user experience is the same. However, they can benefit from more functionality with higher voice quality. Samsung WE VoIP incorporates a 3G dialler, HD voice technology and Wi-Fi handover capabilities to bring professionals a simple, hassle-free user experience and provide a clear telecommunications service.

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    Samsung WE VoIP mobile app