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Control Phreak

Control Phreak

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Control Phreak:

  • provides total & automatic PABX control; you set the rules to authorize only the inbound & outbound calls you designate
  • applies your own pre-defined authorization rules by distinguishing between modem & phone calls
  • automatically applies your call authorization rules 24 hours a day or for a specified time period per rule
  • applies your authorisation rules by inbound, outbound and diverted calls - the preferred route of phreakers
  • controls who can and can't call your freephone number to prevent abuse of this service
  • blocks time-wasting telemarketers, fax spammers, market researchers and other unsolicited junk calls
  • blocks modem calls from your extensions to prevent internal phreaking by your staff and to provide additional protection from virus, hacker and spy attacks for your LAN
  • kills unauthorised calls instantly
  • retains a complete log of all killed calls