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OS Communicator

OS Communicator

The OfficeServ Communicator application suite offers an outstanding range of applications that make it easy to use and customise your Samsung OfficeServ 7000.


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If you’re looking for improved call control and greater convenience, OfficeServ Communicator can provide you with both. You can easily view a list of outgoing and incoming calls and hit redial to return calls you may have missed.
Additional features include:

  • Video calling puts co-workers face to face with a click of a mouse, even if there are many miles between them
  • Audio and video recording to your local PC lets you review what was discussed during a meeting
  • Phone book for uploading Microsoft Outlook contacts
  • Click to dial from Communicator or Microsoft Outlook or by highlighting a phone number in any document type (TXT, PDF, DOC, XLS, etc.) using a Free Dial Hot Key
  • Configuration tool allows personalisation of your phone’s features with ringtones, pictures, and an enhanced phone book